“We’ve all heard the advice, but this is a completely different way of doing things. 
It’s like night and day… My relationship with my son has completely changed!
I pay over $20,000 a year for his education…and this is worth 10 times that!
THANK YOU!” Bill Gamack, 52


The Building Bridges program is a fun and meaningful experience that supports the changing nature of the father son relationship during the teenage years. The course is for fathers and sons (aged 12-16yrs) that runs over either 6 weeks (one evening per week), or a weekend.

This program is for ALL BOYS whether in a good relationship with their father, or facing some of the challenges that arise at this time.

•    There are 8-12 pairs in each program
•    Boys without fathers are very welcome with supporting older male (uncle/ family friend/teacher/coach)
•    For the 6 week course the first 2 sessions are men-only
•    For weekend courses the fathers attend a men-only session on the Friday evening
•    Each Building Bridges program is supported by two trained facilitators


“The Building Bridges Course was absolutely sensational.
We learnt alot out of it with plenty of insight and reflection, understanding my son and
I couldn’t recommend it more highly. It’s been terrific.” ~ Vasco 43


Building Bridges Father Son Programs












This program is a fun and enjoyable honouring of the father son relationship, with emphasis on the boys. Participants are guided on a journey that deepens the relationship and supports them to make the vital changes required at this important developmental stage in the boy’s life. Men and boys engage in a fun and rewarding adventure that includes games,storytelling & healthy male camaraderie. Communication, understanding others and navigating difficult situations are just some of the valuable outcomes.


“I had a wonderful time doing the program with the other participants. My son and I got to
know each other on a much deeper level which was amazing as a father,
and I’m very grateful for that.”
(Dallas C, 40 something)



From this program dads learn just how important it is to look at their own change and how much their son’s growth into a healthy man depends on their ongoing development as a father and a man. This weekend supports dad’s getting clear on what’s important for themselves and their sons… and how to avoid the familiar traps.


“This weekend has been really good – I didn’t expect it to be as good as this.
It has broadened my view on life and given me a new perspective…
it’s been great thanks!”
(Conor, 13)


With a wide variety of activities, Building Bridges opens up doors to the necessary conversations at this important time. It is a rare opportunity for all boys to be acknowledged for their unique qualities, by their father and other men. Boys leave feeling connected to their dad, other men and to the spirit within them. It gives them self-confidence and hope for the future…. and what being a man can be for them.


“It’s about building connections, connections with my dad and with others.
It’s a place to really be yourself, it’s really worthwhile.”
(Fletcher, 16)


Many dads arrive feeling like they are too busy and lack the skills to have much influence on their son as he grows into young man. They leave feeling proud and confident of their role on the road ahead, walking with him along the path, rather than telling him what to do.


Building Bridges Fathers and Sons


Program Dates and Registration – PLEASE CLICK ON “UPCOMING EVENTS” at Left hand side of your screen.


The father son relationship is often strained during the teenage years. Some issues that may be occurring include:

•    Disconnection and passivity
•    Poor communication and rejection of others opinions
•    Disagreements, conflict and hostility
•    Bad habits and influences
•    Busyness of life causing problematic relationships


What’s required is overcoming these relationship problems together, and improving capacity to;

•    Engage with the social and academic demands at school
•    Operate powerfully & make wise choices in challenging situations
•    Understand their own unique gifts and challenges
•    Contribute to healthy family relationships
•    Speak honestly and listen clearly
•    Enjoy life, especially the struggles
•    Take personal and social responsibility


This program enables:

•    Deeper Understanding & Communication between Father and Son
•    Acceptance of Differences
•    Ability to Handle Challenging Situations at Home and with Life in General
•    Boys learning the Freedom & Responsibility Equation


Building Bridges is fun, engaging and helps to bring down barriers and build positive atmosphere. The boys get to hear ‘real’ stories of the men, and this broadens their own view of what adult masculinity is, and what it can mean for them. This creates a palpable depth and connection within the group and assists participants to speak honestly and listen with empathy.


Program Dates and Registration – PLEASE CLICK ON “UPCOMING EVENTS” at Left hand side of your screen.


Men and boys learn communication techniques including listening skills, strategies to handle tough situations, and courage to step out of their comfort zone and talk about issues that can be challenging.


Building Bridges is delivered within existing communities (at a school) or as a public Weekend program.

2018 Prices:

$440 (Price includes GST) Upfront in Full per Father & Son pair OR Payment Plan Option – $150pm for 3 months.

$550 (Price includes GST) Upfront in Full per Father & Son pair – Melbourne & Sydney


TBA (To Be Announced)

Melbourne & Sydney – Seeking Expressions of Interest!! At this stage, we would like you to place your name and provide contact details if you are interested and email at

To Register for a Building Bridges Program, click here. For further information, please contact us.


Building Bridges – A Dad’s Words

Building Bridges – A Son’s Words

Building Bridges – A Father & Son’s Words


Building Bridges – 2 Boys Words

Building Bridges – Another Dad’s Words

Building Bridges – Another Father & Son




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RAISING TEENAGE BOYS will reveal to you a proven man-making code for raising happy and healthy young men. Many parents butt their heads against the wall using tired old methods....methods that might have worked for our parents, or for when our kids were young......methods that consistently make things worse when our boys reach their teenage years.
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Learn how to use special occasions for the FREEDOM & RESPONSIBILITY Equation.
See under the problematic behaviour to what is really going on.
Find leverage in the big issue of TECHNOLOGY... it's all about currency!
Discover new and necessary ways of communicating.
Enjoy change!...and the many stories and common challenges of parenting teenage boys!
Plan your sons transition into manhood (including the SCHOOLIES WEEK plan!)
Realise who's in transition AND understand how much your change is linked to his...




Available in Hard Copy, eBook and Audiobook

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