The Man-Making Plan ALL Boys Need – A Parents’ Role at This Critical Juncture

Powerhouse Parent Evenings are a highly distinctive and enjoyable up-skill for parents . This 2 hour program is jam packed with practical tips, ideas and up-to-date info to help improve the experience of parenting AND to support teenagers at this critical juncture in their lives.

Why is it that many parents enter into such a critical time in the lives of their sons, with no map and compass? This is a small window of massive opportunity and influence… all parents need a plan…

A PROVEN MAP AND COMPASS that maps the terrain and highlights the pitfalls and the watering holes!

“As a mother of boys and a psychologist working with Parents, I suggest you absolutely need to attend the talk. It helps parents realise that we are not alone, all adolescents are experiencing the same things and there are fantastic tips & strategies discussed.” Cheryl McMahon, Psychologist

RAISING TEENAGE BOYS Parent Evenings support Parents to;

  1. Understand the Big Picture – The Mystery of The Teenage Brain!
  2. Adopt the Right Mindset – Critical for good results
  3. Use Best Strategies from The 7 Keys to Effective Teen Parenting
  4. PLUS The BIG IDEA that cuts through the daily micro managing

Marist PE 2015.2jpg

GROWING UP IS OPTIONAL… and the ‘Failure to Launch Syndrome’ is something all parents MUST AVOID, for their son’s sake, for themselves and for the communities benefit.

The content of this evening is our synthesis of the wealth of parenting information available today AND the Powerhouse presenters personal and professional experience working with over 950 families & 3000 boys and men over the last 20 years.

Teenagers do not grow into men without the active intervention of caring community. …So what does a good plan look like? What does active intervention look like? (It’s different for men and women)

In these short 2 hours you will discover the KEYS TO RAISING HEALTHY MEN. It’s for ALL PARENTS and caring adults in the lives of ALL TEENAGERS. Prevention is better than cure… It is the ultimate blessing that all boys seek…. And sets them free (and you too!)…

“We absolutely loved your session last night and so many things that you said resonated with us.” Kelly K, Mother

Powerhouse Programs continue to spread their message across Brisbane and surrounds early in 2015. Below are locations where Raising Teenage Boys Parent Evenings are being held, noted as either Public events or School Only. At each of these events copies of our book RAISING TEENAGE BOYS will be available.

**2017 Upcoming Presentation Schedule**

St. Andrew’s Catholic College 7pm Thursday, 17 Aug 2017

Intake Road, Cairns QLD 4870

Please visit our Facebook page and Share the event with friends. Tickets available by clicking “Upcoming Events” on either side of your screen.

**PAST 2013 – 2015 PRESENTATIONS**

Ferny Grove State High School – 5th Aug 2015-Public Presentation

ST LAURENCE’S COLLEGE – 3rd June 2015 – 140 Parents Attended!!

MARIST ASHGROVE COLLEGE – 4th May 2015 – 170 Parents Attended!!

NOOSA PENGARI STEINER SCHOOL – 19th March 2015 – 30 Parents Attended!!

ST PATRICK’S COLLEGE – 25 February 2014- 200 Parents Attended!!

ST LAURENCE’S COLLEGE – 5th March 2014105 Parents Attended!!

ST JOSEPH’S NUDGEE COLLEGE – 18 March 2014 – 40 Parents Attended!!

MARIST ASHGROVE COLLEGE – 24th March 2014 – 100 Parents Attended!!

NOOSA PENGARI STEINER SCHOOL – 24th July 2014 – 30 Parents Attended!!

BRISBANE BOYS’ COLLEGE – 13th February 2014- 150 Parents Attended!!

CABOOLTURE HUB – 19th February 2014 – 80 Parents Attended!!

EVERTON PARK STATE HIGH SCHOOL  – 26th February 2014 – 20 Parents Attended!!

VICTORIA POINT STATE HIGH SCHOOL – 12th March 2014 – 45 Parents Attended!!

ST LAURENCE’S COLLEGE – 13th March 2014 – 70 Parents Attended!!

MARIST ASHGROVE COLLEGE – 18th April 2013 – 90 Parents Attended!!

ST EDMUND’S COLLEGE – 30th April 2013 – 110 Parents Attended!!

ST JOSEPH’S NUDGEE COLLEGE – 28th May 2013 – 45 Parents Attended!!

KEDRON STATE HIGH SCHOOL -10th July 2013 – 55 Parents Attended!!

NOOSA PENGARI STEINER SCHOOL – 15th Aug 2013 – 30 Parents Attended!

KIMBERLEY COLLEGE  – 10th October 2013 – 65 Parents Attended!!

ROBINA COMMUNITY CENTRE – 4th December 2013 – 15 Parents Attended!!

In two action-packed hours you will hear about;

  • The Mystery of the Teenage Brain – why they do the baffling things they do. This gives context to the whole teen transition, allows parents not to get stuck in the content of day to day dramas…. and allows parents to pic their battles and use appropriate strategies.
  • The Psyche of the Parents Brain – why we do the baffling things we do! Getting out of the way is one of the biggest gifts we can give our children… are you part of a positive solution or a habitual problem? Who’s In Transition? – Don’t Get This Question Wrong with Your Teenage Son.
  • The Freedom & Responsibility Formula – using timing and a sense of the occasion to grow responsible young men. Map a path forward…. His future relationships depend on this.
  • Creating a Communication Oasis – the many pitfalls that push our sons away. A week long workshop in itself! Communication is at the core of most family problems and is the one place to begin to make changes.
  • Don’t be fooled by appearances, grunts and smells… separation and how to do this beautifully.
  • Using ANCIENT WISDOM as a potent force for today’s families. This is the ONE THING ALL Parents of Boys MUST Do! The Damaging Effects on Males in a Society that lacks healthy Rites of Passage…..This is powerful AND unique!
  • IDENTITY – ‘who I am’ OR ‘what I do’? Don’t get this one wrong! This is key and speaks to a deep place in all of us.
  • SEXUALITY & SHAME – Many parents make a well-intentioned mess of this… and some just plainly avoid it. Pornography today is a critical conversation with your son. How to do this…
  • COMMUNITY & FAMILY RITUAL – Ritual can be empty without meaning and intent. Our sons growing into men is full of rich meaning. How can parents use Ritual and Ceremony for impact and to etch moments and meaning in time…
  • Hear about the Powerhouse Programs approach to working with families. You’ll get a snapshot of what it would be like to spend father / son time with us on our Face-to Face & Online Programs (Final 15 minutes of the night).

This evening is a stand-alone presentation and there is no pressure to attend any further sessions. Parents interested in further programs are welcome to say and discuss this with the Powerhouse Team.

You will hear things not said anywhere else and be able to put this into action immediately.

“Thoroughly enjoyed attending your Supporting Teenagers evening at my son’s school.” – Mother.

“I recently attended a presentation and was impressed by your concepts.” – Father.

“Loaded with great information, heaps of opportunity to take stock.” ~ Father.


For SCHOOLS interested in hosting a Supporting Teenagers Parent Evening for their parent body, please click here to receive our schools information pack.


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RAISING TEENAGE BOYS will reveal to you a proven man-making code for raising happy and healthy young men. Many parents butt their heads against the wall using tired old methods....methods that might have worked for our parents, or for when our kids were young......methods that consistently make things worse when our boys reach their teenage years.
For more information, click here.

Learn how to use special occasions for the FREEDOM & RESPONSIBILITY Equation.
See under the problematic behaviour to what is really going on.
Find leverage in the big issue of TECHNOLOGY... it's all about currency!
Discover new and necessary ways of communicating.
Enjoy change!...and the many stories and common challenges of parenting teenage boys!
Plan your sons transition into manhood (including the SCHOOLIES WEEK plan!)
Realise who's in transition AND understand how much your change is linked to his...




Available in Hard Copy, eBook and Audiobook

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