“Powerhouse Programs delivered their “Powerhouse Day” to our Year 9 students and to describe their impact as anything less then exceptional would be underselling the program. The most valuable part of the day is actually very hard to articulate; the involvement of Year 11’s as mentors, the invitation and involvement of Dads on the day, the acceptance and responsiveness of the Year 9’s or the preparation and debriefing sessions by the presenters that ensured the programs success. Each aspect contributed to what was a most valuable learning experience. Andy & Stephen’s passion and professionalism was exemplified at every point of the program. While we have seen the benefits of our investment in the immediate months after the program the full effect I believe will be felt when as Year 11’s these Year 9’s get the opportunity to return the favour to their ‘little brothers’.” (P. Begg, Dean of Students, St Joseph’s College, Nudgee College)

PHD debrief

The Powerhouse Day Program managed to strengthen the fibre and unity of the year 9 boys, bind the year 9 Fathers who may never have met otherwise, started the boys thinking about the man they dream to become, re-focused the Dads on the parent they dream to be, and provided the Year 11 boys with an opportunity to lead…..all in one powerful day! Thanks.”  (Paul Carrigan, Father)

Self and acceptance of others

The Powerhouse Day at School is a 6 hour long program for teenagers. It is mostly run with existing year levels at schools and can be adapted to suit student age and gender. Typically this is anything from 30 – 250 students. Two facilitators are supported by between 20 – 50 Powerhouse crew, teachers, parents, sponsors and older students.

Our school programs are aimed at managing and overcoming behavioural problems like;

• Bullying & Exclusion

• Isolation & Separation

• Passivity & Underachievement

• Disruptive & Disrespectful Students

• Self Esteem & Body Image

AND in managing these issues, improving student’s capacity to;

• Learn well and commit to studies

• Understand their own unique gifts and challenges

• Relate to each other and staff with respect

• Speak up for themselves and others when something is not right

• Function well in challenging situations

• Understand service as a vital part of good leadership

We offer you that The Powerhouse Day at your school will turn judgements into empathy and understanding.

CLICK the image below to listen to a Teacher’s perspective of the Powerhouse Day Program


The Powerhouse Day at School outcomes include:

  • Greater personal responsibility and building empathy for self and others.

  • Brings awareness about hot topics of bullying, separation, isolation and loneliness and how this can lead to drastic outcomes from underachievement at school, to drug use, depression and suicide. This sparks change in many.

  • Addresses issues such as judgement, teasing, racism, violence, emotional highs and lows.

  • Sharing stories of hardship, bad behaviour and individual struggles.

  • Celebrates diversity, builds self-esteem and encourages students to stand up for positive change.

  • Challenges everyone to step outside of their comfort-zone, share feelings and build connections between students that would rarely happen.

  • Demonstrate snap judgements based on appearances can be wrong and often lead to unnecessary hurt.

  • Teaches students that people are like icebergs: only 10 percent of their emotions are visible on the surface, while under the surface lies much more.

  • People with personal problems often take out their emotions on others, sometimes even not realising it.

CLICK on either image below to listen to what these Student Leaders experienced supporting the Day Program.


Program integration in school life:

Schools receive an analysis of the day detailing each students learning’s, as well as identifying students at risk, needing further support and also those who display leadership potential. Please contact us for a sample report.

Each student receives a workbook which schools can utilize in further pastoral care sessions. Additional materials are supplied to schools to support ongoing awareness and implementation of the days’ outcomes.

Pivotal moments in the day:

  • “If you really knew me” session opens most to their emotional world.

  • “Crossing the line” is the turning point of the day with powerful realisations.

  • “Apology and Declarations” session has a major impact on the whole group and demonstrates the effectiveness and impact of the day. Everyone is affected by the courage and extent of the openness of the students.

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