• The Boys Rite of Passage programme was a wonderful journey for all of my family, especially for my husband and son. It has enabled us to develop strategies to assist our son to become a confident and happy young man.
  • Journey to Manhood has been such a positive experience for me and my family. I have shared the experience with wonderful people and have such gratitude and hope for my men and society as a whole.
  • This program should be a part of every boy’s growing up. Taking part in this program will change your family for the better.
  • The Journey to Manhood experience opened my eyes to the significance of changes that were occurring in my son’s life and enable me to develop strategies to support him in healthy development.
  • This work is vital for every family. At the end of this process I am overwhelmed with the role it has played in the journey towards fulfilment for mother, father and son. Thank you sincerely.
  • This Journey has provided our family with a launching point to allow our son to start the next chapter of his life.

Mothers’ feedback of sons

  • He has a sense of maturity that wasn’t there before.
  • My son now wants to be more aware of people around him and a wants to be helpful
  • My son has a better, stronger relationship with his Dad. He is trying to be more proactive around home ā€“ offering to help with dinner etc.
  • My son has been sharing more emotional issues with me. He has been more sensitive to my needs and feelings.
  • My son appears more comfortable with the changes in our relationship. He is less apologetic about wanting to spend time with just his Dad ā€“ a positive change!
  • His awareness of what I do is increased, love and respect for me, its lovely; realisation that with the changes, responsibility is needed on his part.
  • My son is more helpful around home, closer bond with his father and sister.

Mothers feedback of husbands

  • My husband is more understanding of my needs
  • My husband is aware of the people around him and more bonded with son.
  • My husband returned more open, passionate about our life and how we parent; an underlying confidence!
  • On the camp my husband was able to realise just how much he judges others.
  • My husband is much more relaxed about being in the company of men only. He is more emotionally self-contained in that he more easily processes his emotions without my input.
  • My husband is more in touch with his emotions, respect and awareness of me is increased, communication with our son is more positive and loving
  • My husband is more accepting of himself and surer of himself.

Mothers feedback on themselves

  • I am more understanding of my sons needs to do more for himself
  • I have an awareness of a need to let go, to let my son grow-up and take responsibility for himself.
  • At first I was very jealous, but I’m more accepting now. I understand how I fit in emotionally, supporting etc.
  • Through sharing my feelings with the group and son, I have done some healing of past issues.
  • I am no longer carrying grief of difficult times in my son’s childhood. I was able to let go and look forward.
  • Grappling with the implications of making the changes and dealing with a few mistakes and consequences that come with letting go of full control.
  • This has been an ongoing growth, I am surprised by the connections I feel with everyone on the camp.
  • I am now aware of my changing role in my son’s life.

Mothers feedback on the family as a whole

  • We are more on the same page with what we each feel is important
  • The family energy is better, more appreciation of each other, and that the young man has grown-up
  • We have respect for our young man and the importance of his stage; a bonding experience.
  • A new bond, unity and respect for each other.
  • We all show more respect and less fussing over our young man. We all consciously respect his space.
  • More loving as a unit, more thoughtful of each other and more patience with each other.
  • A mutual respect. Young man doing more, other family members recognising he is growing.
  • We celebrate the changes and milestones in our children’s lives ā€“ especially with regards to their maturity.


  • I feel that I’ve got a new, deep well of good stuff inside me that I can draw on. The programme has helped me see the young man in front of me, AND he sees me!
  • The camp gave me the time and space to evaluate my life and contemplate ways to improve it and deepen the relationships with my son and other members of my family.
  • I was surprised and delighted to see how my son has matured and developed. The camp was an opportunity to get clear about what is really important.
  • This camp changed the way I look at life and improved my relationships with my family.
  • The camp helped me to deepen my relationship with my son, explore my own manhood and bring me into closer understanding with my wife. Wow!
  • What can I say… it was one of the best experiences of my life.
  • I loved the open communication with other men and how the sessions were well run and flowed easily. A good mix of fun and deeper stuff!
  • I found inner peace & inner release, and the open and freely given communication
  • The best part of the camp was the trust to openly share stories, the ability to listen to other stories, and the close contact and time spent with my son.
  • I really enjoyed the connection with other school families; time and space with my son and other men and boys, appreciations, the returning young men were great!
  • Thank you for your care and respect for all. I loved the honesty of the people, the leadership of the camp staff, and how we shared with others.
  • It was amazing hearing other men’s stories, working alongside other men and boys, and spending time with my son.
  • I was fortunate enough to participate in the recent Journey to Manhood camp along with my son and other families from his school. In my opinion, this was an unqualified success and was one of the most remarkable and significant experiences I have had with my son. It brought us closer together, helped to teach my son about some of the joys and responsibilities of becoming an adult and gave me the opportunity to reflect on a number of my own experiences. As a result of the camp, I also feel a much stronger connection with the school community and particularly the other fathers with whom I shared the experience.I would unreservedly recommend this program to other schools and families and encourage whatever can be done to ensure that similar programs are available to other parents and students in the future.

Young Men

  • What I got out of this camp was all the great stories that were shared and great food and fun times camping.
  • It helped me to improve the relationship I have with my family.
  • A fantastic experience for boys needing further guidance on their journey to becoming a young man.
  • Becoming a man isn’t all about your ability to be masculine.
  • Fun, friends, good time were had and friends were made, and I learnt a bit!
  • I really enjoyed it and I learnt so much about myself and others.
  • What I experienced on this camp is a sensation all boys should have to change into a young man. Also, the camp is great for a relationship with your family.
  • I enjoyed speaking time with my Dad when he’s not stressed.
  • The knowledge and wisdom gained from the men’s stories was great.
  • It was fun and a good experience
  • I liked that the men entrusted their stories with us

Journey to Manhood Father and Son

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A Rite of Passage

Journey to Manhood – Blended Family

Journey to Manhood Story

Journey to Manhood Single Mother Speaks

A Rite of Passage – Wayne Story

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