Teachers and Group Leaders

  • Thanks to the Powerhouse team for the day program. The comments from the boys show what an important experience it was for them.
  • Students were very frank; saw others in different perspective and some were very courageous.
  • Students were very productive and worked well together. All members really opened up and expressed feelings and views that people didn’t know about them.
  • A real eye-opener with the power circle session
  • Boys were open, insightful and responsive
  • The boys really opened up!
  • The boys found a lot about how they shouldn’t treat other people and that they shouldn’t be afraid to open up.
  • The boys worked well today and it seems they leave with a greater understanding of others around them.
  • The students have grown as people, becoming more open and comfortable with each other and being able to articulate ideas and concepts.
  • The process went really well, with every boy in my group having something to contribute.
  • All group members were active and respectful of activities, offering insights into their own lives.
  • In the ‘If You Really Knew Me’ session the boys really shared some of their personal issues.
  • The boys expressed their feelings and had a good time. They both learnt something from today that they will use in later life, e.g. balloon.
  • The Power Circle introduced me to how the cohort, group leaders and adults felt. The session has identified that I must know people before I can judge them, I must respect others for who they are.
  • I have found that my friends have been through similar situations as I have. Throughout the day, I found that students had confidence to talk to others.
  • I found it very interesting how much the students cooperated and respected the ideas and concepts that were given to them.
  • It is interesting to note how so many people are in the same boat, yet they can feel completely alone or be handling the issue in a different way.


  • I saw people who behave like jerks step over the line and I realised that they had a tough timeand had lost family.
  • There is more to people than meets the eye.
  • I learnt to trust people with my feelings, be courageous and show others my feelings. I know now that I can do this.
  • I learnt to not be afraid of coming out and telling the truth, to be honest, though it can be hard, I felt like speaking the truth.
  • It takes courage to accept who you are.
  • Teachers have experienced some of the same stuff we deal with.
  • Don’t be ashamed of who you are.
  • I see others from a different perspective and gained greater understanding of others.
  • Surprised how many issues were shared.
  • I learnt that I need to control myself to avoid making others feel afraid, to not take my anger out on others.
  • The program supported the expression of feelings and people’s problems.
  • I saw that those blokes that I thought were weird, step over the line cause they had problemsand I could almost understand why they act that way.
  • I don’t think I will treat them the way I have been treating them anymore.
  • I have been thinking that maybe most people have had bad experiences that affect theway they behave.
  • Feels like I can be more open, rather than pretending to be myself.
  • Aware that others feel the same about certain things. Whatever I do can affect someone else.
  • Feel more open about myself. Let out a few things, feel different.
  • Being more honest with people. Some people are in the same position.
  • Want to respect others different opinions.
  • Learned how people have different feelings.
  • Learned to be myself more.
  • Go for it. Trust yourself.
  • Learned about bullying people who don’t fit in. Being judgemental and teasing.
  • I see people getting on now.
  • Different perspectives. Do not judge others.
  • Not to put others down.
  • People think differently.
  • The number of people who have been bullied.
  • It’s what’s on the inside that counts.

Fathers Supporting Powerhouse Day – St Joseph’s Nudgee College (August 2012)

  • I thought it was a great day on a few points. For the young men to have a chance to engage with their peers and get comfortable, gain support and respect from the other young men they spend so much time with but don’t actually know them. What a perfect positive environment to do so. It was the perfect age appropriate time to address the issues brought up by the presenters. Issues that made the young men aware that, “Hey I’m not the only one, who feels or has experienced these situations or emotions”. The presenters were great and connected very well with the young men and also the year 11 men. It was a great day and I felt privileged to be part of the day. Thank you again for the opportunity to be involved. V. Jason, Father of Yr 9 Boy
  • I believe it was a great success for many reasons. The boys gained an understanding and compassion for others in their year by just observing others ‘cross the line” and know they are in the same boat regarding life experiences, which creates more of an equilibrium amongst the group(s)of Year 9 in general. Self- expression and communication from boys is always a challenge at the best of times and this aspect impressed me during the day, encouraging transparency and honesty, which are great qualities at such a age. Even the boys who “may have believed” they took little away, actually took a lot away from the day through the participation, experience and understanding / respect of others. The Team from Powerhouse Programs were excellent and they facilitated the day with great poise and momentum. Enjoyed it alot. J. Cates, Father of Yr 9 Boy
  • I enjoyed it and thought it was a great opportunity for the boys to express themselves about things they may have been a bit uncomfortable with like telling others what their dreams and aspirations were and then telling others the good points they saw in them. The circle was a big hit with the boys stepping in and a number of the parents were impressed with that as well. That Powerhouse Team have a wealth of knowledge and I think they are doing a great job. J. Warren, Father of Yr 9 Boy

A Teacher’s Experience of the Day Program

Facilitator Powerhouse Day Report May 2012

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